हाम्रो विकास हाम्रो बैंक


Hamro Bikas Bank Limited (HBBL) has been providing Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) service . HBBL has registered to C-ASBA system implemented by CDSC (CDS and Clearing Limited). 
Customers  can register C-ASBA from any branch to get CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number).  The customers can open Demat account (Civil Capital) from any branch of Hamro Bikas Bank Limited.
Customers can apply for IPO/FPO/Right Share filling the C-ASBA Application Form. For  online services customers can also register "MeroShare" service of CDSC (CDS and Clearing Limited) by providing bank account and Demat account number at their respective depositary and through MeroShare, customers can apply for IPO/FPO/Right Share of any Company online visiting https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np/.
This system temporarily blocks the amount for any IPO/FPO/Right share application in his/her own bank account and is debited or released from the accounts only after the allotment process. 
Customer is charged Rs. 25 (Twenty-five Rupees only) per application .