हाम्रो विकास हाम्रो बैंक

Levy of Charges

OPERATION RELATED TARIFFS AND CHARGES:                                                              



Cheque Book Issuance Charge

Free: (advised to print only 5 leaves for personal and 10 leaves for Corporate Account normally)

Stop payment charges

Rs. 100 per instrument

Rs. 400 for a range of cheques

Cheque Return unpaid (Insufficient fund; only to be levied to drawer)

Rs. 100 per cheque

Cheque/Cheque book lost charges (where new cheque should not be issued)

Rs. 100 per instance.

Cheque book issuance against lost cheque books including case of closure of account

Rs. 300 (advised to print only 5 leaves for personal and 10 leaves for Corporate Account normally)

Cheque book destruction charge 

Rs. 200 per cheque book (if not collected within 6 months from issuance of cheque)

Loose leaf withdrawal slip issuance

Rs. 25 per leaf.

“Good for payment cheque” issuance fee

Rs. 200 or 0.02% of face value whichever is higher.

Cancellation of “Good For Payment Cheque”, GFP

Rs. 250.00 (Original Cheque to be returned back to the bank for the cancelation of cheque.

GFP cancellation and re-issuance Rs.500

Re-issuance of FD receipt (Duplicate FD Receipt)

Rs. 500.00 (Approval from Head Office has to be obtained prior issuance of duplicate FD receipt) 

NRB/ Other bank’s Cheque issuance charge 

Rs. 500.00 flat for account holder (free in case of payment to be made by bank itself);

For non-account holder Rs.1000 flat (free in case of payment to be made by bank itself)

Standing Instruction Charges (One-time fee. E.g. auto transfers)

Rs. 200 (Free for Call & Current Account)

Issuance of Balance Certificate

Rs. 500 per certificate

(free once a year for the period of Year End balance to Corporate Accounts for Audit Purpose)

Reprint of Account statement

Rs. 50 per page or Rs. 100, whichever is higher

Enquiry related to old records (more than 2 years)

Rs. 100 per enquiry.

Transfer of funds to other BFI’s (not applicable to corporate deals)

0.10% or Rs 500 per transaction whichever is higher

FD Liquidation Charge 

No Interest shall be paid if pre-matured within less than 3 months of opening.

If it is after 3 months, interest on normal saving account (at the time of FD opening) shall be provided to the client for period till date of pre-mature of FD.

Clearing Transaction Charge (Actual Charges to be paid to NCHL)

Cheque amount 200 K & above Rs. 30 / cheque

FCY cheque (no amount limitation) Rs. 30/cheque

Express clearing (no amount limitation) Rs. 100

Special clearing Rs. 100

Cheque return Rs. 100



Interbank payment service (IPS) for account holders only

Up to Rs. 200,000           Rs.50

Rs. 200,001 & above       0.02 % or min 100

Fund transfer-inward       as advised by NCHL


Rs. 25 per request

Mobile banking with SMS alert

Registration                      Rs. 200

Annual subscription         Rs. 200

PIN regeneration              Rs. 50

Manager's Cheque (MC) issuance

Account holder: 0.10% of amount issued or Rs. 200 whichever is higher

Non-Account holder: 0.20% of amount issued or Rs. 500 whichever is higher.

Loan Disbursement through MC: Free 

Collection Charges

Within Nepal: 0.10% of cheque amount with minimum of Rs. 200 per cheque plus postal charges.

Outside Nepal:  0.05% of face value or Rs. 500/- whichever is higher plus postal charge.

CCTV Footage Charge (Provided upon the discretion of Bank; having regard to respect to privacy of everyone concerned)

Rs. 1000.00 per request.

ABBS Transaction

Deposit 0.1 % or Min 100

Withdrawal 0.1 % or Min 100

No ABBS for personal deposit Account – Transaction Amount/value up to Rs. 200,000

No ABBS fee for deposit for loan repayments

 No ABBS charges within same district.




Existing Rates

OD Non-usage charges 

Commitment Charges


This charge shall be applicable to OD customer's whose unused fund is above 50 %. Usage percentage for this purpose shall be computed as below on quarterly basis:


Usage % = Three month's average OD outstanding / OD limit * 100 %

(Could be calculated using reverse method based on interest payment for the quarter)


OD Non-usage charge shall be 0.5 % of unused fund per quarter.


However, if usage is below 50 % for subsequent three quarter, Credit committee shall re-assess the OD limit.

Term Loan: 

0.25% of unused limit (If fully limit isn't disbursed, to be collected prior moratorium period / generation of EMI schedule.)

Credit Enquiry by other Banks

Rs. 250 per enquiry



CICL Charge/ Blacklisting/ Delisting Charges

As per Actual Basis

Loan Prepayment Charges

In Term Loan: 

2% prepayment charge to be levied if prepaid within 1/2 period of the loan tenure and 1% to be paid if loan repaid after 1/2 period of the loan tenure. However, if the prepayment is done with own source due to the increase in interest rate, no prepayment shall be levied.

Loan Processing Fee

For Business/SME loan 1-1.25% of limit

For HP (commercial) 1.75-2 %

For HP (private) 1-1.25 %

For AG/Deprived 1.25-1.5 %

For Personal/Professional/Education 1.5-1.75 %

For Home Loan 1-1.25 %

For Share Loan 1.25-1.5 %

Loan Renewal Charges

For Business loan 0.5-0.75% of limit

For AG/Deprived 0.75-1.0 %

For Personal 0.75-1 %

For Share Loan 0.5-.75 %

Public Notice Publishing Charge 

Credit: Actual cost incurred for publication.

Deposit: Actual cost incurred

Loan Swap Charge

2-3% of loan outstanding.

Penal Interest

2% p.a. of overdue principal

Interest on Interest

At the same rate applied to the loan account

Collateral/Business Inspection

For local units: NIL

For outstation units: As per actual to be borne by the applicant/borrower

Self-valuation charge

For Distress value;

Upto Rs. 5 lakhs:                           Rs. 2,500

 More than 5 lakhs to 10 lakh:      Rs. 3,500

 More than 10 lakhs to 20 lakh:    Rs. 5,000

 Above 20 lakhs:                           Rs. 7,000

Partial release of Collateral 

Rs. 3,500

Replacement of Collateral

Rs. 5,000

Interest rate on other receivables / Force Loan

Same as applied interest on other loan accounts or 1.5 times highest interest rate published

Trade Finance Related Charges

Non-fund-based commission

Bid Bond – 0.25 % per quarter with minimum of Rs. 750 per quarter whichever is higher

Performance Bond – 0.35 % per quarter or minimum Rs. 1000.00 per quarter whichever is higher

Advance Payment Guarantee – 0.45 % per quarter or minimum Rs. 1000.00 per quarter whichever is higher

Miscellaneous Guarantee – 0.35 % per quarter or minimum Rs. 1000.00 per quarter whichever is higher

Amendment of BG not affecting value and validity

Rs. 750.00 flat

Amendment of BG affecting value and validity

Same as fresh issuance

Guarantee Cancellation


Cash Margin

Min 5-10% of the BG Value




Waivers (If Any):

Operation related charges can be waived below charges mentioned in the levy of charges with approval of CEO based on recommendation from respective Operation department of branch / HO.

Credit related charges can be waived below charges mentioned in the levy of charges with the approval of CEO based on recommendation from respective Credit team of branch / HO.

Charges on Withdrawal slip issued to employees and BoD shall be exempted. 


However, waiver shall be given only based on sturdy background. In case if terms of this levy of charges contradicts with NRB/ other regulatory guidelines & policies, such guidelines/Policies shall prevail. In case if terms of this levy of charges contradicts with Product Leaflet, then guidelines stipulated in levy of charges shall prevail.